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A new chapter in the company’s history was opened in 2007. As part of succession planning, Markus Seidl, the existing operations manager, carried forward the company’s fortunes as managing partner, changing the company’s name from Mues Products GmbH and Mues Formenbau GmbH to Mues Products & Moulds GmbH. Looking to the future, he invested in technical innovations and further expanded the development of new, needs-driven practical solutions. More and more customers from a wide range of different high-tech industries put their trust in the high level of flexibility and expertise at Mues Products & Moulds.

The course was set for the future in 2002 with the planning of a new company building covering an area of 4,500 square metres, which the company moved into at Conradty 1 Business Park in 2004. The spacious premises enabled the company to invest in state-of-the-art machines and new production lines.

The Mues Products corporate division was set up in 1995. The aim was to test the moulds, which had been made for decades in the mould construction section, on injection moulding machines in-house and to produce components from these moulds. Very few competitors were able to offer this concept and it proved to be an excellent move. Within a short time, it was possible to establish a separate customer base for this division. Machines with 125 to 850 metric tons clamping force were used for production.

In 1967, Walter Mues set up a specialist company for mould construction in Kolbermoor. In 1974 the company moved from a garage into a new 350 square metre company building in the Rosenheimerstrasse. In 1990, the existing company building was extended to 1,000 square metres.

Mues tomorrow


Since being set up, the company has grown steadily. At present, Mues Products & Moulds GmbH employs about 45 qualified skilled staff. Every year apprenticeships are awarded in the professions of precision machinist, process mechanic in plastic and rubber technology and technical product designer.

Thanks to the company’s excellent order book position, it offers exciting prospects for further development, both in terms of technological innovations and also with regard to jobs and the customer portfolio. The number of employees is steadily increasing and the necessary plans for expanding production capacity by building another production hall (see location) are already in place.

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Total floor area: 4,500 m2
The building in the Conradty 1 Business Park consists of three areas:

Office complex, 1,500 m2
This houses the design and programming offices, the administrative offices with training and staff amenities rooms and a cosy canteen. There are several conference and meeting rooms for customers and an exhibition room that documents the company’s impressive history which now spans more than 40 years.

Hall 1, 1,500 m2
The production area for the Moulds division where your injection moulds are manufactured using state-of-the-art techniques.

Hall 2, 1,500 m2
The production area for the Products division where prototypes, small series and series production plastic parts are produced on injection moulding machines with a clamping force of 125 to 800 metric tons.